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The Vanella Group, Inc. Named in Market Intelligence-to-Opportunity Provider Segment by The Aberdeen Group in Outsourced B2B TeleBusiness Study


The Vanella Group, Inc.'s model is a proven formula for success

San Jose , CA (PRWEB) – January 5, 2010– The Aberdeen Group has named The VanellaGroup, Inc. (, in the Market Intelligence-to-Opportunity space in their 2009 Outsource B2B TeleBusiness Study. Aberdeen is the “voice that matters” when it comes to understanding the measurable results being delivered by technology in business. Through continuous benchmarking of its member community, Aberdeen’s research is constantly being improved to help corporate executives:

  • Improve their financial performance and competitive position

  • Prioritize operational improvement areas

  • Leverage informational technology

              That focus on measurable results is consistent with The VanellaGroup, Inc.’s philosophy and business practices. Particularly in today’s tight economic climate, results matter. The VanellaGroup, Inc., has been delivering results to technology companies for the past nine years, led by founder/CEO Mari Anne Vanella-Wright, a thought leader on long-term successful sales development programs for the high-tech and services industries.

              “This recognition was particularly gratifying for us both because of The Aberdeen Group’s significant credibility and because we share the honor with some very large, publicly-traded organizations such as Harte-Hanks,” says Mari Anne. “We were selected based on factors including our years in operation, our client base, our deliverables, our methodology and our staff. We’re quite proud to be recognized in the market intelligence-to-opportunity space,” she says.

              What that means in layperson’s terms is that The VanellaGroup, Inc., is focused on generating results versus generating activities. Many sales organizations measure numbers of appointments scheduled, for example. The VanellaGroup, Inc. focuses on “understanding the selling landscape and identifying an active buy cycle,” says Mari Anne. The difference is significant.

              The VanellaGroup, Inc.’s process is based on establishing relationships only after a great deal of intelligence-gathering has been done. “We shorten the sales cycle by up to 30 percent,” Mari Anne notes. In a field where the sales cycle can be up to 12 months and sales can range from $250,000 to $2-3 million, that is a significant and measurable difference.

              “Our process eliminates the challenge around calling a lead that has limited information,” says Mari Anne. “We offer our clients opportunities they simply would not have access to otherwise.” Armed with the intelligence that The VanellaGroup, Inc., is able to provide, clients have information to position themselves as knowledgeable partners in the technology selection process. “Our staff has years of experience in solution sales with the technical and situational fluency they need to engage with executives effectively,” says Mari Anne. While other sales organizations involve processes that are heavily scripted and focused on setting up appointments, The VanellaGroup, Inc.’s staff engages in consultative discussions with prospects, paving the way toward more timely and appropriate closes.

              “There is no wasted cycle time talking to unqualified leads,” says Mari Anne.

              The VanellaGroup, Inc.’s recognition by The Aberdeen Group clearly positions it as this category. “This recognition demonstrates customer confidence in us and our solution,” says Mari Anne. She is not entirely surprised: “We’ve had some clients that have run these programs with us for more than seven years – who else can say that?,” she asks. “They’ve been marketed to by every other vendor out there, so to have that kind of loyalty from our clients just speaks to our effectiveness,” she says.


About The VanellaGroup, Inc. ( The VanellaGroup, Inc., is the expert in telesales programs for enterprise technology companies. Now in its ninth year of business, The VanellaGroup, Inc.’s clients include Sun Microsystems, SAP, Hitachi and many others. Recently acknowledged by The Aberdeen Group in a 2008 TeleServices report as a provider in the market-to-intelligence space, The VanellaGroup, Inc., offers a proprietary and proven B2B telemarketing methodology, that is both high-touch and high-quality, called Responsive Account Development™.