Appointment Setting

Adding Appointment Setting to Your Telesales 2.0™ Program

Executives work in busy, interrupt-driven environments that requires tenacity to reach them. Fitting in the cycles necessary for your sales rep to secure that first appointment can be daunting. To help overcome that challenge, you can include appointment setting as part of your Telesales 2.0™ program.

Not a Typical Appointment Setting Solution

The Vanella Group, Inc. is not a typical appointment setting company. Let's examine the differences.

Traditional Approach The Vanella Group, Inc.
Focus Scheduling meetings Delivering high quality engagements
Activities Negotiate call trees to make appointment with contact Talk with decision makers/influencers and gather sales intelligence and rich content
Lead Quality Unknown, may not be decision maker or influencer Active sales cycles with executive decision makers and influencers

Connect faster so you can close sooner!

The Vanella Group, Inc.'s programs deliver active sales cycles. Setting up the first call is simply an accelerator to make the connection with your prospects.