A Proven Approach
Telesales 2.0™ Telemarketing that gets RESULTS!

People often ask "will an outsourced telemarketing provider have the same passion for our products as an internal employee?" The answer is we'll have even more. We hire only the best in the industry, have a proven methodology that works; the result is our team doesn't lose interest. Our entire brand is built on our ability to impress our clients, build pipeline, and be the best choice you could possibly make for a lead gen partner. Our average term with a client is 3x longer than an average FTE sales team member.

We also have our teams cross-trained and involved. You won't have a rotating roster of low level call center reps, but true professionals educated in your prospects buying environment.

To drive over 5x industry average results, we need a proven telesales approach. Telesales 2.0™ provides the foundational B2B telemarketing methodology that consistently delivers those impressive results.

Our opportunity-based methodology enables you to:

  1. Quickly on-board the Telesales 2.0™ solution

    Our unparalleled enterprise high technology expertise gives us a head start in understanding your operating environment. We have worked in every area of enterprise technology and bring enormous technical and situational fluency as your partner.

  2. Set the engagement's strategic direction

    To establishing the project's strategic direction, we work with you to:

    • Set the objectives
    • Collaborate to identify the best list
    • Understand your sales environment
    • Determine active sales cycle qualifications
    • Design the opportunity-oriented approach

  3. Engage with actual selling opportunities in those accounts

    Custom delivery accommodates your team by handing-off these active sales cycles using your team's work style and infrastructure.

  4. Obtain the highest possible conversion rate in those opportunities

    Opportunity profiles present your team with the sales intelligence that will help you most effectively position yourself in the deal.

  5. Use extracted insight to improve your selling effectiveness

    Program reporting offers you customized visibility into buyer behavior. You will understand marketplace patterns and trends specific to your offerings. You can leverage this insight to improve your teams' selling effectiveness.

"The Vanella Group, Inc. exceeded our expectations in every way, prospect identification, delivering qualified leads, handing off leads to the sales team, and reporting activities. I hired The Vanella Group, Inc. after having mediocre results from other telesales and lead generation firms. As a result of their work, our marketing spend to sales ratio improved measurably. I fully recommend The Vanella Group, Inc.. They are professionals who have unique skills and deliver measurable results."
Emil Regard, Vice President, Hughes Network Systems