Campaign Implementation

Maximize Revenue With Marketing Automation

It is an excellent decision to implement marketing automation--congrats on the decision to increase results in 2018 and beyond!

There are many features of marketing automation you need to understand to get the full benefit, and while you immediately can see value, over time you will be able to grow and expand your effectiveness through understanding what your instance is delivering.

Our role is to help your sales team get the results of your marketing automation investment faster.

Here are a few area we help enterprise tech companies better utilize their marketing automation:

  1. How to pinpoint key account activity that is under the radar that is meaningful
  2. Technical aspects of managing marketing automation
  3. Complexity of functions within your instance and how to map those to your buyer's activity so he sales team knows what to talk about
  4. Behavioral signals from your prospects in the data you now have and what it means for your sales teams
  5. Long-term management of data and recycling of leads for optimal revenue achievement--being in the right place at the right time
  6. Strategic use of data specific to your company to give you advanced placement in deals

There are the standard areas you need to know to be successful, such as lead scoring and nurturing. But the reason we can help take you to an even higher level of revenue realization is because we bring a complete understanding of the technical, demographic, and behavioral aspects of automation combined with domain expertise of enterprise sales and how to best consume and utilize the information to close deals at the right time.. The two vantage points are a rare combination of skill sets and take your automation to peak levels. We can help in just about any capacity, but our standard place to start a discussion is here with our menu.Marketo Menu

The return and results?

  1. Solid understanding out of the gate of where you need to be the milestones you can achieve
  2. Lead scoring that maps to how YOUR prospects really buy
  3. Workflow that is conducive to your team's culture and potential
  4. Closing deals you didn't have visibility of pre-automation
  5. Fill in the white space between marketing and sales for continuity of pipeline management

Whether you are investing in demand generation or lead nurturing, today's best practices are built on the capabilities of automated systems and people combined.

By adding a high fluency telemarketing effort to call your mid- scored leads before sending to sales, your ROI can increase 11%-20%!

Recently purchased a marketing automation tool?

Designing and configuring the tool appropriately for your specific objectives is an art. We can help you do it right the first time, and have the right activity associated with the right contacts and segmented lists.

Using your marketing automation tool, but want better results?

We can help you fix your instance so you are getting the highest possible results. Many times rich features are under-utilized, we can help you get the most from your investment.

Want to expand your marketing automation tool use to take advantage of key features not currently in use?

Adopting features like advanced lead scoring can make a big difference in your results. As subject matter experts familiar with a wide range of marketing automation tools, we can help you develop and implement a strategy to produce superior results with improved scoring, better database management, deeper nurturing campaigns, and system optimization.

Want the benefits but don't have the head count to invest in staffing for marketing automation?

Instead of going without the high return of marketing automation, outsource the management of it. We provide ongoing tool and campaign management so you don't have the expense of maintaining internal staff. Our monthly service packages can affordably help you achieve the highest return on investment and not miss opportunities you can find now.

Our service packages help you increase return on any automation investment you make. We maintain strong partnerships with leading providers such Salesforce, Marketo, InsideView, and Jigsaw to deliver the most effective best-practices for today's selling environments.