Customizing a Telesales 2.0™ Solution
to Meet Your Needs

The Vanella Group, Inc. ensures that opportunities we deliver support your objectives

Delivering excellent results from your high tech, B2B telemarketing program is our mission. You don't need to be satisfied achieving just the industry standard conversion rates. We weren't. Our objective is to deliver the guaranteed results that will impress you, 5x above industry standards

The only way to do that is to execute your program to support the way you do business.

Your customized program works at a number of levels to support your activities and current workflow.

  • Your product and business

    Enterprise technology sales center on the solution. We come to the table with extensive high tech expertise. We apply that expertise to your product, business and situation. We ensure that the right prospects are engaged right away with a willingness to continue the dialog.

  • Your target accounts

    If you don't already have a list, we can help you identifyand build a list of target accounts. We have access to millions of records and know how to build a list of the most viable accounts based on your current or desired customer profile.

  • Your processes

    Your qualification criteria depends on your objectives and your circumstances. Articulating the key characteristics is essential for a successful program. We work with you to identify those qualification characteristics that will enable the highest conversion rates. Our structured client onboarding process allows us to map our conversations to your qualification data points.

  • Your team

    To ensure a good hand-off, we design a delivery plan that will support your team's work style. We form partnerships with our clients so that you gain an extension of your team, not a vendor you need to manage. Our clients have been running programs with us for close to 10 years in some cases, we become part of the team working for your success.

  • Your sales enablement tools

    You need the leads and the accompanying documentation integrated into your system of record. That system of record can be a marketing automation tool, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, or some other mechanism. We'll work with you to ensure that our leads are correctly formatted and entered into your systems. We have subject matter experts in Salesforce, Marketo, Jigsaw, and other CRM and marketing automation platforms. Thus we can ensure that the opportunities we deliver support your workflow. We deliver leads the best way for your team to consume and act on them.