Reaching Executive Decision Makers

The Vanella Group, Inc.'s ability to penetrate the CXO domain in corporate America is simply fantastic

It takes a special approach for you to successfully connect with executive decision makers and key influencers. Some of the challenges in reaching executives include:

  • Executives are busy people
  • They work in a meeting-intensive, interrupt-driven environment
  • They are protected by gate keepers
  • They speak their own language

The ability to gain access to decision makers at the executive level is both a science and an art. Using a proven approach called Responsive Account Development™, The Vanella Group, Inc. brings you the right executives ready for a deep-dive discussion to explore your solution.

How does The Vanella Group, Inc. reach executives?

The methods are a science, but execution is an art. These techniques are refined in our lead generation and lead management solutions which connect you with executive decision makers.

  • Recognizing which executive decision makers to reach out to
  • Understanding the best way to connect with executives
  • Knowing how to engage the executive and speak their language
  • Uncovering the opportunity within the target account

With a Telesales 2.0™ solution, you get a proven approach that guarantees the delivery of active sales cycles. These are real sales opportunities with key executives in your target accounts.

"The Vanella Group, Inc. is one of the most prolific demand generation experts that I have had the pleasure to work with. They are "master and commander" of the cold call - if one can call it that - because they invariably turn up hot leads! Their ability to penetrate the CXO domain in corporate America is simply fantastic."
Jack N. Senior Marketing Director, Fortune 1000 Telecom Firm