teleprospecting for high tech

B2B Lead Gen and Telemarketing for Tech

2018 is the perfect time for a change. According to a Response Rate Report from the Direct Marketer's Association (DMA,) B2B outbound telemarketing has the highest conversion rate of all outreach methods. But doing it the traditional way only tops out at a 4.4% return. With Telesales 2.0™ we deliver 5 times above that....consistently.

How can we do this? We understand the psychology of prospects related to lead generation. We understand current prospect and buyer behavior, and how to connect on a peer-to-peer level. We are senior level, technically fluent professionals with very specialized skills and training to have those types of discussions with executives that make a difference that results in revenue.

Our deliverable goes far beyond just "leads" of the typical sort, we provide high-value intelligent engagements that accelerates and increases retention of active deals in your pipeline. By taking a holistic approach to building your pipeline,you'll uncover immediate near-term opportunities, and deals that will soon become active that your team needs to be involved in. You'll be able to show a true sales pipeline, the numbers that YOUR board wants to see.

Telesales 2.0™ uses a proprietary and proven telemarketing approach to generate leads with the highest conversion rates in the industry

The facts:

We achieve on average 25% to 35% opportunity rate with our programs.

We'll provide you rich detail on accounts:

  • What you need to know about the account
  • Who are the decision makers and key influencers
  • Budget info
  • Demographic and behavioral sales intelligence
  • Hidden drivers and influences in solution choices
  • What's next to move forward with precision accuracy

Lead generation results like this transform your pipeline within a short time.

"Just after the first 90 days, 50% of what it in our pipeline is from you...we have never ran a program like this" VP Marketing, ERP Solution Provider

How many telemarketing leads generated from Telesales 2.0™ do you need to invest in to deliver your sales forecast?

    We will back into your requirements to define program scope based on revenue projections, team size, sales cycles, and industry focus. You'll know before we start how many opportunities you will get so you can plan your pipeline effectively for each rep's capacity and pipeline objectives.

How does The Vanella Group, Inc. achieve these high conversion lead rates?

  1. We developed a consistently performing methodology. There is predictability to every program we do.
  2. We only work with clients that are committed to success
  3. We are internally dedicated to quality, we deliver active sales cycles based on specific criteria you provide.
  4. We know how to find opportunities. We are experts with senior level staff and resources. Our team is situationally and technically fluent, experts in executive engagement, and know how to develop relationships with prospects that convert to revenue.
  5. We use our proven Telesales 2.0™ methodology to identify these high quality leads, nothing is left uncovered.
  6. Our team is certified in the Telesales 2.0™ methodology
  7. We develop strong partnerships with our clients and jointly work for success, we have clients that have been with us for 13+ years.

We are 100% confident we will deliver these results for you, we guarantee it.

"The Vanella Group, Inc. really understands the pains of demand generation rather than the lip service and hackneyed processes provided by so many companies in her field. It holds itself accountable to results, not activities. The leads we received paid for The Vanella Group, Inc.'s services 20 times over."
Robert G. Kelly, VP Global Marketing and Alliances, Infogain Corporation