Lead Nurturing Lead Management

Managing Leads into Active Sales Cycles

Don't miss the future deals your programs has already uncovered.

Our nurturing solution blends carefully-timed live conversations with email nurturing for the highest return. We successfully maintain your active presence and influence in an account so you won't miss the deal when it gains momentum. When the deal becomes active, you'll already be involved.

Sales reps are focused on making their numbers, daily they are under pressure to meet quotas. They have to make calls that count and focus on the opportunities that are shorter-term. We help with coverage of large deals that won't become active until a later date. Prospects that may not be ready to move forward within a narrow window sometimes fall off the sales queue if reps don't have outside support. We increase the ROI of marketing programs by keeping those larger deals active and managing the relationship so it stays in your pipeline.

Many long-term leads will become a solid opportunity within 3-6 months. When you actively develop the relationship with that prospect beyond the initial call, you'll retain the presence and influence in the account to close the opportunity when it surfaces.

Build the relationship while the opportunity develops.


  • Prospects want to keep a dialog going, they are open to discussions while their requirements are developing
  • Early engagement increases your influence in a deal
  • Large deals often require relationship building over numerous discussions/interactions

Our unique on-going nurturing and relationship management methodology will track the progress of the opportunity and maintain your dialog with high-value prospects who are not yet ready to buy. With executive decision makers and influencers , you need more than one-size-fits-all e-mail marketing campaigns. It requires a hands-on, high touch approach.

We combine the richness of live conversation with the impact of carefully crafted content at the right time to keep an ongoing discussion with the prospects you invested in. Your ROI in the lead is maximized by keeping your prospect active and engaged with you.