Lead Management Nurturing Leads into Active Sales Cycles

Lead Management—
Nurturing Leads into Active Sales Cycles

"Not all leads are ready to enter a sales cycle with a window that matches your own. This was the case for us. We first brought The Vanella Group, Inc. in to develop short term prospects to fill our immediate pipeline. Working from the target account list we developed, The Vanella Group, Inc. quickly started bringing in leads that met our criteria.

They understood our need for a quick boost to our pipeline. As they started speaking with executive decision makers in our target accounts, they noted that there was solid opportunity for longer term sales, too. We had talked about this possibility at the project kick-off. At that time, we just didn't have the bandwidth to nurture those leads.

We started to work the short term sales cycles The Vanella Group, Inc. gave us. They also showed us the quality sales intelligence they were developing on the longer term leads. We realized that we would be foolish not to find some way to mature these leads into active sales cycles.

When your leads are executive decision makers, e-mail marketing campaigns are not going to produce the results you want. Executives are busy people. They don't have time to read or chase down e-mail offers. We realized that we didn't have the time or expertise to do this right.

That is where The Vanella Group, Inc.'s high touch, lead management solution came in. The same capabilities that reached the executives were used to keep track of the account environment. When the opportunity reached the level of readiness we wanted, The Vanella Group, Inc. handed off the active sales cycle. Our sales team simply saw these leads come through when they were ready to be pursued."