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What Marketing Executives Say About
The Vanella Group, Inc.

"The Vanella Group, Inc. provides solutions for one of the thorniest marketing problems that I have faced in my career - is there a vendor out there that provides a service I can rely on to use a high quality, discovery based approach to finding new leads. Most providers use a used car sales approach and this not only yields poor results, but worse, erodes your company's reputation in the marketplace. The Vanella Group, Inc. does the opposite and I would recommend them unequivocally."
Brian Desmond., VP, Marketing, Guidewire Software

"The Vanella Group, Inc. is one of the most prolific demand generation experts that I have had the pleasure to work with. They are "master and commander" of the cold call - if one can call it that - because they invariably turns up hot leads! Their ability to penetrate the CXO domain in corporate America is simply fantastic."
Jack N. Senior Marketing Director, Fortune 1000 Telecom Firm

"The lead generation results we get from The Vanella Group,Inc. are outstanding. We closed new business right away and have added more opportunities to the pipeline in the short time we have worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. than we did from a long term engagement with another provider. They have also worked closely with us to make sure we are engaged with the opportunities they do find for us. It's been a very good choice to work with The Vanella Group, Inc. as our outbound telemarketing partner and we look forward to a long term relationship with them."
Vice President of Marketing, 50M IT Services Firm

"I hired The Vanella Group, Inc. when they were recommended to me by a trusted colleague. I needed them to act as my inside sales team when I didn't have one for my direct sales force. Their ability to get to the heart of your sales pitch and get expert salespeople making telemarketing calls is amazing. What I loved most is the experience level of The Vanella Group, Inc.'s staff. They are actual enterprise sales people and not just dialers. They can go beyond just verifying contact information and really screen the opportunities. The Vanella Group, Inc. was always professional, responsive and showed results quickly. What you do with their leads is really only limited by the skill of your own direct sales force to follow up, but The Vanella Group, Inc. was able to find nuggets of golden opportunity at our target accounts. I would hire The Vanella Group, Inc. again in a second."
Maria Ross, Director Corporate Marketing, Savvion

"The Vanella Group, Inc. are the consummate professionals. They really understand the pains of demand generation rather than the lip service and hackneyed processes provided by so many companies in their field. They hold themselves accountable to results, not activities, and the leads we received paid for their services 20 times over. I have nothing but the highest praise for The Vanella Group, Inc."
Robert G. Kelly, VP Global Marketing and Alliances, Infogain Corporation