Partnerships that Enhance a Telesales 2.0™ Solution

The Vanella Group, Inc. engages with partners who can add value to your solution. We also sponsor industry organizations and recommend books that help our clients succeed in a Sales 2.0 world.

The Vanella Group, Inc. is a Salesforce Enterprise Consulting Partner to better support our clients who use their CRM capabilities. is the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) solutions. More companies trust their vital customer and sales data to than any other CRM company in the world.


InsideView’s sales intelligence application, InsideView for Sales, continuously aggregates and analyzes relevant, executive and corporate data from thousands of content sources to uncover new sales opportunities.  InsideView for Sales delivers this intelligence natively within CRMs and mobile devices, and has become an important intelligence application for The Vanella Group, Inc.

The Vanella Group, Inc. partners with Marketo as part of our end-to-end, lead generation solution infrastructure. This allows us to deliver the highest possible return on telemarketing programs in the industry.

Marketo provides uncompromising software solutions that help marketing and sales teams to have visibility at every stage of a revenue cycle from the earliest stages of demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of revenue and customer loyalty.


The Vanella Group, Inc. leverages Jigsaw's online business directory to help research accounts for clients.

Jigsaw provides an online business directory of company information and more than 11 million business contacts. If your success depends on reaching out to others, Jigsaw is essential. And that's why over 500 corporations and more than 600,000 members turn to Jigsaw.


SDR's can forget 22% of their coaching sessions after just one day. After one week, this number spikes to 59%. In some cases managers simply don't have the time to reinforce conversation skills until they finally become habit. Balto Software is a real-time virtual coach that can "listen," interpret, and offer prompts to keep discussions on-track while reps are on calls.




Fight Frugalnomics™— Alinean fundamentally changes the way that B2B solution providers engage with prospects, via SaaS delivered interactive tools that revolutionize corporate Web site interactions, sales presentations and proposals from product / solution selling to customer-focused value engagements — automating opportunity discovery, goal/solution alignment and return on investment (ROI) quantification.


Plan 2 Win Software produces strategic account, territory and pre call planning apps that work in Our apps help sales teams develop and manage plans to produce and sustain better sales results. They work with any sales method and are straightforward and easy to learn and use, enabling quick ramp up to drive goal achievement.

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Squirro is more specific than search and broader than feeds. It eliminates the need to dig through hundreds of search results and synthesizes information from multiple sources by:

  • Scanning the open internet, news sites, blogs and other feeds
  • Combining the with social sources like Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.
  • Including private databases, internal sources and applications Document and Content Management Systems
  • Finding other people working on or looking for similar content, making it easy to share interests and collaborate

The Shirman Group (TSG) helps B2B Technology vendors become more relevant to customer and partner audiences, and reach further into target markets. The Shirman Group gives the entire organization, from marketing to sales, professional services, and channel partners the tools and skills to execute on the plan. Companies including CA, BEA Systems, Symantec, and Intervoice/Convergys turn to The Shirman Group to:

  • Hone their marketing and sales capabilities for target vertical markets
  • Capture the interest of high-level decision-makers
  • Elevate the commitment of strategic partners
  • Formulate long-term growth strategy and short-term execution plans

Breakthrough, Inc.

Accelerating Revenue Profitably

Breakthrough Inc. is a sales and marketing consulting firm focused on enabling technology-based businesses to align their Sales and Marketing efforts with the buying process to accelerate revenue growth. This enables companies to accelerate critical results, including:

  • Bringing the right new products to market in a timely fashion
  • Entering or creating a new market segment
  • Competing more effectively in a highly competitive environment

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, including HP, Cisco, Synopsys, Philips, Siemens and Agilent Technologies and rapid-growth, emerging companies, such as NetSuite, Macromedia, Genesys, and many others.

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Four Quadrant, LLC works CEOs, GMs, VPS and VPMs. The focus is to provide more experience than what an organization thought they needed to ensure that considerable value was delivered with each engagement, with the shortest ramp and the most efficient spend. Engagements range form serving as the Interim VPM for all or part of Marketing to driving key projects.