Project Launch

Project Launch

Customer story describing a project launch:

"Sometimes time is of the essence. We were in the last month of Q3 and knew that we were going to need to post an aggressive number of opportunities for our next 2 quarters. After talking with The Vanella Group, Inc., we decided to immediately roll out a project that focused on penetrating new target accounts.

One of the considerations in our choice of The Vanella Group, Inc. was its ability to quickly launch the project and start producing results within 3 weeks."

Project Kick-off

"In our project kick-off, The Vanella Group, Inc. walked through a defined client discovery methodology that built familiarity with our product and messaging.  They were very fluent in all areas of enterprise technology so our solution space wasn't new to them. They instantly grasped our product and how it fit into the market space—even making suggestions we hadn’t explored yet that were excellent."

The Vanella Group, Inc has a very defined delivery process that brought tremendous value to our team.

"Our sales team uses Salesforce to manage, work and track all of our leads. As a Salesforce Enterprise Consulting Partner, The Vanella Group, Inc. were Salesforce experts. It was particularly important to us that the leads be delivered in a way that was easy for our team to act on. With The Vanella Group, Inc., we were able to map out how leads from this project would be handed off using our CRM system."

Account Selection

"Our next focus was to identify the list of accounts to pursue. The Vanella Group, Inc. helped us go through our existing prospect lists. Their advanced scoring formula helped us select the accounts that were likely to give us the best traction. Their knowledge of the verticals we target added value to the account selection. In addition, they suggested a few other accounts that we should add. We felt good about the target account list we created together."

Ensuring Sales Rep Engagement

"The last discussion item revolved around sales rep engagement. There has been an increasingly challenging relationship between marketing and sales. The result is that sales tends to overlook the leads marketing sends its way. We needed to be sure that this project created an environment where sales would successfully engage these valuable prospects.

The process The Vanella Group, Inc. brought to the team was invigorating and created anticipation for the program. They gave a very dynamic and effective presentation to our team. Our sales reps walked away with an excited interest in the new leads that would be delivered.

By the beginning of 4th quarter, we were ramped and The Vanella Group, Inc.'s real-time sales intelligence enabled us to pursue high quality opportunities with key executives they brought to us. "

"The lead generation results we get from The Vanella Group, Inc. are outstanding. We closed new business right away and have added more opportunities to the pipeline in the short time we have worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. than we did from a long term engagement with another provider. They have also worked closely with us to make sure we are engaged with the opportunities they do find for us. It's been a very good choice to work with The Vanella Group, Inc. as our outbound telemarketing partner and we look forward to a long term relationship with them."
Vice President of Marketing, 50M IT Services Firm