Sales Effectiveness

Improving Sales Effectiveness—The Buyer Perspective

"There was something going on in the marketplace, but we didn't quite know what it was. Our sales team would call into leads, find areas of opportunity, but never seem to get much farther.

We weren't sure whether the problem was with on the marketing side or the sales side. All we knew was that opportunities that we felt we should have been progressing were all falling flat."

We brought in The Vanella Group, Inc. to help us understand how to more effectively sell into our target buyers.

"During the ramp up, we worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. to define a list of target accounts. Besides new companies, we included some companies we previously hadn't been successful in engaging.

As The Vanella Group, Inc. started working these accounts, they came back to us with interesting insights. The good -- they found that our reputation was positive with these buyers. The bad -- our positioning did not address the key purchase motivations for the buyers. The ugly -- our sales approach and marketing language needed adjustment if we were going to succeed with these buyers.

We're pretty pragmatic here. Good, bad, or ugly, actionable insight is valuable to us. Based on the market insight they found, The Vanella Group, Inc. provided us with some operational recommendations. Incorporating these recommendations, we developed a new sales strategy which improved the results from our marketing and sales efforts."

"The Vanella Group, Inc. helped us jump-start a new go-to-market initiative at a strategic client. The Vanella Group, Inc. team uncovered rich information and active opportunities in the client's target accounts. The team ramped up fast and delivered quality leads in both the UK and US. With the contacts and information The Vanella Group, Inc. provided, our client's sales reps were able put the new sales strategy to use immediately. When we want to help our clients find opportunities and advance into accounts, The Vanella Group, Inc. is our top choice for tele-prospecting."
Lilia Shirman, Managing Director, The Shirman Group