Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence Increases Successful Engagements and Closes More Deals

A lead with real-time sales intelligence enables your sales rep to engage using the right topic. Detailed information about the prospect's situation allows the sales rep to confidently direct the discussion to the prospect's area of interest instead of having to go on a fact-finding mission that creates sales resistance.

What is real-time sales intelligence?

Answer: When a direct conversation with an executive uncovers deep discovery that advance you in a deal, when they provide guidance and detail on current stages, vendor preferences, current challenges, and advice on how to get to the top of the short list. "By far, the most comprehensive opportunity profiles I have ever seen."
Regional Sales Director,

Having a deeper level of insight about business drivers can help you align your discussion with the requirement and progress the opportunity.

With each active sales cycle The Vanella Group, Inc. delivers, you get inside intelligence.

Our opportunity profiles provide you with that inside sales intelligence in the words of the executives themselves. They are the key to successful initial dialog with your key prospects. Going into that next discussion, your reps ready have comprehensive information on:

  • Detailed, relevant prospect initiatives
  • Underlying business drivers
  • Motivators for a purchase decision
  • Competitors in the deal
  • Vendor preferences
  • Project timing
  • Project budget

In addition, you will understand the other contacts in the organization who will influence the purchase decision.

The Vanella Group, Inc.'s real-time sales intelligence gives your sales team the competitive edge.

As your program progresses, you will receive reports specific to your solution that show you patterns and trends in the marketplace. Know why companies will talk with you and why they won't. Learn about the buyer's impression of your solution. We monitor results real-time, so you have access to marketplace shifts you can immediately leverage.

This unique visibility into your buyer's behavior can help you

  • Improve your messaging and positioning
  • Fine-tune your sales approach

"The Vanella Group, Inc. delivers much more than leads, they give us a complete profile of the opportunity that goes beyond general information like listing contacts, timing, budgets and so on. They give me strategic information with the words of the executives themselves that is what I need to be prepared with a specific topic and how I can get an extra edge on the business early on. Their ability to capture this information is incredible, you can't get a better opportunity lead than that. Because of the experience The Vanella Group, Inc. has in telesales for high tech and bringing such a deep understanding of how companies buy technology, their work is the best we have ever seen. Other B2B telemarketing firms we worked with previously were never able to produce the level of results The Vanella Group, Inc. has for us."
Senior Sales Executive, HP Premier Partner