Sales Intelligence Delivered

Starting with the Inside Track—Sales Intelligence

What would it be like to know exactly what is going on inside the account as your reps follow up on leads?

How would your confidence and the conversations change if from the start you had a strategy and positioning that aligned with the buyer's needs?

Read our client's story:

"We brought The Vanella Group, Inc. on board to get us high quality leads at executive and key influencer levels.

After a quick ramp up, The Vanella Group, Inc. started delivering leads to us. Even though they had discussed the account profiles with us, we were amazed at the amount of content and the high quality of the real-time sales intelligence that came with each lead.

As our account managers received leads from The Vanella Group, Inc., they found details about the account landscape they had no access to on their own. They are able to engage prospects and have very deep discussions with them on a cold call. In addition, the profiles contained specific directions for approaching the prospect to get them engaged. They even included suggested positioning that would help us establish a strong preference with the buyer."

"The sales team couldn't wait to get started calling into more opportunities they had found."

"We had read about the lead-to-opportunity rates other clients were achieving with The Vanella Group, Inc. We would have been delighted to come in at the low end of the conversion rate range. However, with inside sales information this good, our reps were quickly engaging in new opportunities. Some of these opportunities were advanced enough to close quickly."

"We attribute our success with The Vanella Group, Inc. to three factors."

  1. Access to executive decision makers
  2. Increased traction in the accounts because of the rich inside sales intelligence
  3. The Vanella Group, Inc. actually established a relationship with the prospect that was very positive, they were eager to engage with us to move forward with discussions

"The Vanella Group delivers much more than leads, they give us a complete profile of the opportunity that goes beyond general information like listing contacts, timing, budgets and so on. They give me strategic information with the words of the executives themselves that is what I need to be prepared with a specific topic and how I can get an extra edge on the business early on. Their ability to capture this information is incredible, you can't get a better opportunity lead than that. Because of the experience The Vanella Group has in Telesales for high tech and bringing such a deep understanding of how companies buy technology, their work is the best we have ever seen. Other B2B Telemarketing firms we worked with previously were never able to produce the level of results The Vanella Group has for us."
Senior Sales Executive, HP Premier Partner