A Premier Telemarketing Provider—Our Difference

Eliminate your risk by investing in a provider who delivers to your goals

In enterprise technology sales, calling activity does not equal results. You may be working with in-house talent, an outsourced provider, or a combination of the two. How do your measurements stack up?

    Pay per hour = Results undefined when measured by man-hours
    Pay per call = Call attempts do not equal leads
    Pay per appointment = Appointments do not equal pipeline

Eliminate your risk by matching your metric to your goal. The Vanella Group, Inc.'s metric is simple.

Success = Number of opportunities, holistically building your pipeline

Telesales 2.0™ delivers actual selling opportunities.

The Vanella Group, Inc. guarantees results. We have never missed our SLA in 14 years, we meet what we promise 100% of the time. We structure your program on results-based objectives.

  • You want to generate a determined number of qualified leads
  • You want to quickly ramp up your pipeline with target opportunities
  • You want to see those opportunities in your pipeline

That is how we measure success. That is what The Vanella Group, Inc. stands by.

Guaranteed, high quality leads are only part of The Vanella Group, Inc. difference.

To consistently obtain higher than industry average results, you need a proven approach. The Vanella Group, Inc.'s B2B telemarketing approach - Responsive Account Development™. In conjunction with extensive enterprise technology expertise, our unique approach produces the high quality, active sales cycles you really want. Our performance is 5x above industry standards for teleservices programs.

By us providing to your team the account's "behind the curtain" sales intelligence, you get the real drivers behind the project. This inside track helps you improve your sales effectiveness. You engage with prospects with the right topics understanding their requirements and how they want to open a discussion with you.

This approach must be aligned with your priorities, your sales technologies, and your team's working style. It must be delivered in a manner consistent with how your team consumes information. That is why every Telesales 2.0™ solution is custom delivered to ensure your success. We are experts at launching programs to productivity quickly and concisely.

"The lead generation results we get from The Vanella Group, Inc. are outstanding. We closed new business right away and have added more opportunities to the pipeline in the short time we have worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. than we did from a long term engagement with another provider. They have also worked closely with us to make sure we are engaged with the opportunities they do find for us. It's been a very good choice to work with The Vanella Group, Inc. as our outbound telemarketing partner and we look forward to a long term relationship with them. "
Vice President of Marketing, 50M IT Services Firm