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The Vanella Group, Inc.

2018 planning is now, it's time to implement quality, but the question is... what makes The Vanella Group, Inc. different?

The Vanella Group, Inc. is all about excellence. It's having the most astute, executive and business-fluent people on the front lines representing your company. We are NOT a firm with a low-level, call-center staff. We deliver programs that make a sustainable, long-term revenue impact that you can have confidence in.

Our team comes from B2B tech companies like IBM, Unisys, HP, and many other tech firms out of senior-level positions. Our value statement is "Executives Calling Executives" and the results are far beyond the typical sales lead generation programs available because of that.

We are completely aligned with real-world execution of "Social Selling in the Enterprise" and are able to have conversations at a depth that only true professionals are able to have. The result is we are able to real-time map topics the prospects bring up and have a deep-dive discussion about their requirements and plans at a whole new level. This takes our results to 5x above industry standards.

"80% of our large deals that closed came from this program..." Director of Marketing, Publicly Traded Managed Services Provider

B2B technology marketing and sales organizations choose us when they need to immediately start filling their pipeline with real opportunities, active sales cycles, and engagements with substance. Our results-driven Telesales 2.0™ method delivers what companies need to achieve their sales development goals, real engagements and advanced placement in the account.

This is the best utilization of your B2B telemarketing budget you will make because you'll get true measurable results you can prove.

Premier Services

For Sales and Marketing Executives

  • Marketing - B2B telemarketing delivers ready-made opportunities that are actionable
  • Sales - Proven Telesales 2.0™ methodology produces higher deal volumes for your team to close
  • Custom Delivery - A customized program supports your specific requirements and workflow

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"What you do has so much value for companies. Your program totally compliments a sales organization. It jump starts and increases pipeline building and adds volume immediately."
Barbara Nichols, CEO, XSELLerate Sales